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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Weather? Yeah we get a little of that here-

So the weather guessers predicted yesterday that we were going to get some high winds last night and today. That's not really so unusual for this time of year but what was unusual was the level and extent of the high winds. It has been blowing since about 3 AM and the damage in our communities is greater than anyone can remember seeing before.

There have been trucks tipped over on highways, roofs blown off, trees broken off or tipped over all up and down the Wasatch Front today. You can see the story and a huge album of submitted photos on KSL. Click through the pictures in the gallery, (there's 202 pictures there right now) to see what has happened.

At our house I had to put a hay bale on Harry's new cat house to keep it from scooting around the carport. I'm also pretty certain we are never going to see his food dish again!

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